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      About Leader

      Leader Electronics LEI company introduction

      Leader Electronics Inc.

      Leader Electronics was founded in 1970 and began life as a manufacturer of audio transformers and film capacitors. LEI is located inTaipei, Taiwan and is one of the leading manufactures of switching power supplies and transformer products. Recently, LEI has developed products in the EV(electric vehicle) charging systems, energy storage system and brushless DC motor in order to be a one-stop shop energy solution provider.

      Staying agile and driving the company to a new future

      LEI strives to create a win-win-win relationship with its suppliers and customers. By working this way, customers benefit with higher quality and lower cost while suppliers get higher volumes and opportunities. Using these strategies has enabled LEI to become one of the world leaders in linear power adapters.

      LEI also realized that investment in manufacturing development was a key to becoming a top tier company.? We were on the forefront of new manufacturing technologies such as high-speed winding machines and automatic impregnation lines, which were very impressive in the mid 90’s on a global level. With our customer support, LEI expanded into downstream integration and turned into a professional ODM (original design manufacturer) in the switching power supply industry. Our clients are all over the world with the product application in networking power, industrial automation, industrial power, consumer electronics, or AIOT (Artificial intelligence of things). The company was publicly listed on TWSE in 2002. (stock code:3058)

      ?With over 50+ years experience in the power supply industry, Leader embraces constant change with technical innovation, qualitative stability, operational leanness and agility. In the future, Leader will keep providing differentiated products and service for its clients to achieve their aspirations and be the most valued business partner.

      Aim for sustainable operations

      Leader’s safety labs are accredited by UL CTDP and CB CTF, with anechoic chambers and automatic reliability testing equipment. This experience helps LEI meet clients' need effectively and efficiently, focusing on speed to market.

      Both manufacturing sites of Southern and Eastern China are certified by TL 9000 for the telecoms industry, IATF 16949 for automotive industry, ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14064 greenhouse gas accounting and verification, ISO 14001 environmental management systems, and ISO 45001 occupational health & safety management system. Our Philippines' site is also ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified. In addition, as a Sony Green Partner, LEI is working to engage with sustainable development and implement corporate governance to achieve a balance among economic value, social value and corporate value for long-term sustainable operations.

      Power a future interconnected world 

      At Leader, our 50+ years of experience in the power solutions markets have given us the insights, core competences and market experience to bring innovative, leading-edge solutions to electric vehicle charging solutions and energy storage systems. Leader offers standard services or customizable offerings in switching power supply, electric vehicle charging solutions, magnetic components, brushless DC motor, energy storage system, USB-C PD and lighting. All products are designed and manufactured with quality, safety, efficiency, durability and sustainability.

      In 2021, LEI built EV charging solution and brushless DC motor manufacturing capabilities in our Taiwan facility. This enabled us to offer products for the Electric Vehicle charging eco system, ranging from high power density On-Board Charger, Portable Charger, AC/DC Charging Station, DC to DC Converter, to DC to AC Inverter. Our BLDC motors also offer adurable structure with efficient parameter control all in a compacted size making them an ideal choice for healthcare applications.

      In AlOT and clean energy, our world is intimately interconnected. To sustain growth and stable development, providing a wide range of efficient power solutions is crucial. LEI continues to offer one of the most competitive power solutions that create new possibilities for our future interconnected world.

      LEI - your trustworthy one-stop-shop energy solution provider.


      Major Milestones

      Established in March, 1970
      Self-Certified UL & TUV Lab
      Publicly Listed on the TaiEx
      Sony "SPP" Supplier, Awarded or Preferred Supplier of APC, CISCO, D-Link, Harman, LG, Motorola, Netgear, Panasonic, Rockwell, TCL, Yamaha & etc.
      New Headquarter in Taipei
      New Factory in Eastern China
      A new factory in the Philippines, operational per Sep.
      Became a Member of USB-IF
      USB PD Product Certified by USB-IF
      LLC Product Launched
      Engaged in EV Charger Field
      LEI JianSu Site was granted by IATF 16949.
      LEI DongGuan passed MFi system review.
      PH Manufacturing Site 2 was expanded.
      LEI DongGuan Site was granted by IATF 16949.
      Engaged in ESS and EV fields
      Motor Business Unit was formed.
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